Vancouver’s theatre scene continues to be red hot in March and April

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Vancouver’s theatre scene continues to be red hot. Here is the line-up of some of the shows, including those with a QUEER! connection, set to play local stages in March and April 2010.

Refuge of LiesRefuge of LiesRead our review
Pacific Theatre
9 April – 1 May 2010

All’s fair in love and war? Rudi Vanderwaal left Holland as a refugee after WWII and found faith as a Mennonite. Now quietly retired in Vancouver, Rudi’s peaceful life is disrupted when a Dutch reporter forces him to confront his dark wartime past and revisit long-buried secrets. As his community is compelled to take sides, everyone is driven into a world where memory and fantasy collide. Is he guilty? Will he pay? What is the cost of redemption? Tickets are $17-$34 available online or by calling 604.731.5518.

My Granny the Goldfish

My Granny the GoldfishRead our review
Arts Club New Revue Stage
15 April – 15 May 2010

Hypochondria, claustrophobia, germaphobia—oh, my! When Nico, a young Indian student in Vancouver, is hospitalized, his grandmother, armed with nothing more than a whiskey bottle, arrives from Bombay. Despite Nico’s protests, her visit may be just the cure-all he needs. Irreverently funny, My Granny the Goldfish is a tale of finding truth and love in the midst of morphine and bedpans. Tickets available online or by calling 604.687.1644.

Dirty White

Dirty White Click for more!
The Cultch
22 April – 1 May 2010

A reimagining of Ovid’s The Raven and the Crow, dirty white by Susanna Uchatius, is a sensual parable that sets the natural world against the purity of ideas; the physical against the heavenly.  Tickets are available by calling 604.251.1365 or online at; $20 Adults; $15 students and seniors. April 27th: Pay What You Can; April 28th: 2-4-1.


Prodigals Read our review
Havana Theatre
26 April – 2 May 2010

Set in a small bar in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, six young underachievers await the results of a murder trial that’s hit close to home. Their world of drinking, sarcasm and missed opportunities is flipped upside down when a former friend returns from Toronto to testify in the trial, reopening old wounds and creating some new ones as well. Tickets are $10 – $15 available at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604-684-2787.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer
Jericho Arts Centre
27 April – 22 May 2010

Based on the 1998 film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, this musical version is peppered with 80’s references and a rock/pop score that will make it the perfect cure to a rainy Vancouver May.  Tickets are $25-$30 and are available at the door or by calling 604-224-8007 ext. 3.

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy
The Cultch
27 April – 1 May 2010

The Tooth Fairy is a dream-like odyssey, an epic of paradise lost. It rumbles onto the stage like a wooden colossus, diving into the unconscious to discover the sea-monsters of the soul. It’s a children’s puppet show for adults, and adult theatre for children. Tickets are available by calling The Cultch box office at 604-251-1363 or online at

Stephen Sondeim's Follies, In Concert

Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, In Concert
Performance Works, Granville Island
28 April – 1 May 2010

Follies is a retrospective of the “Ziegfield Follies,” in which Stephen Sondheim blends the nostalgia of popular songs of the past with his own style of sentimental ballad. The show is a love letter to musical theatre, complete with songs in the styles of George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, and Cole Porter. Tickets are $15-$25 available online or by calling 778.329.2371.

Where the Blood Mixes

Where the Blood Mixes
Firehall Arts Centre
Continues through 6 March 2010

Taking a fearless look at the Native community’s most painful emotional scars while still casting a ray of light, this Vancouver Playhouse/ Belfry Theatre/Savage Production presentation received rave reviews and awards in its first production. Tickets are $16 – $24 available online or by calling 604.689.0926.

Opening  Night

Opening Night Read our review
Metro Theatre
3 April – 1 May 2010

Norm Foster’s Opening Night is set in the fictitious Charles Killian Theatre on the opening night of “Whisper on the Wind”, an earnest Canadian play about a farm family. Tickets $15-$18 available by calling the Metro box office at 604.266-7191.

Odysseus Chaoticus

Odysseus Chaoticus
9 & 10 March 2010
Norman Rothstein Theatre

A fantastic cabaret show based on the travels of Odysseus, King of Ithaca, brings together physical theater, clowning, acting, dance and live music. Part of the 2010 Chutzpah! Festival. Tickets are $16 – $24 available online or by calling 604.257.5145.

Matt and Ben

Matt and Ben Read our review
Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive
2 – 13 March 2010

Matt & Ben tells the hilarious story of two best buddies: Matt Damon & Ben Affleck who, while attempting to write an adaptation of JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, have another script fall from the sky and right into their laps. They argue about whether it’s a gift from the Gods or a darker power while examining their rocky friendship. Laughs abound, right in time for Oscar season! Tickets are $18 – $21.50 available online or by calling 604.684-2787.

The Drowning GirlThe Drowning Girl
Gateway Theatre, Richmond
3 – 13 March 2010

Breathtaking in more ways than one. The Drowning Girls are three of the many wives of George Joseph Smith, an Edwardian opportunist who made his living marrying women, taking out life insurance policies on them and subsequently drowning them in their baths. Based on an actual Scotland Yard case, the story will grab you from its opening moment as three breathless brides emerge, gasping, from water-filled bathtubs to relive the shocking events leading up to their deaths. Tickets are available online or by calling the Gateway Theatre box office at 604-270-1812.

The Greatest Cities in the World

The Greatest Cities in the World Read our review
Historic Theatre at the Cultch
9 – 13 March 2010

Based on interviews, videos, photos, observations and meetings from the residents of small Tennessee towns with famous names (London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Bogota and Moscow), The Greatest Cities in the World maps out what it means to be a citizen of our constantly shrinking world. Tickets are $22-$40 available online or by calling 604.254.6995.

Donald and Lenore

Donald and Lenore
Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver
6 – 18 March 2010

Part of the 2010 Chutzpah! Festival this is the world premiere of a new work by internationally renowned Vancouver based playwright Tom Cone. A fiercely dark and comic play about survival, performance, American hegemony, tikis, incarceration, love and the power to resist annihilation with a little bit of glamour. Tickets are $16 – $24 available online or by calling 604.257.5145.

Underneath the Lintel

Underneath the Lintel Read our review
Norman Rothstein Theatre
14 – 20 March 2010

The return of an overdue library book – 113 years late – piques the nascent detective skills of an uptight Dutch librarian who embarks on a quixotic, globe trotting pursuit of the anonymous borrower and returner. Part of the 2010 Chutzpah! Festival. Tickets are $16 – $24 available online or by calling 604.257.5145.

Elephant Wake

Elephant Wake
The Cultch
16 – 20 March 2010

What do you do when you’re the last surviving member of a community? Elephant Wake is a provocative character study about the last man left in Ste. Vierge, a defunct Francophone town, and his relationship with the prosperous nearby English town of Welby in Saskatchewan. Tickets available online or by calling The Cultch box office at 604.251.1363.

Awesome 80s Prom

The Awesome 80s Prom
Vancouver Alpen Club
19 & 20 March 2010

A brand new blast-from-the-past party in the style of Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding set at Wanaget High’s Senior Prom… in 1989! All your favorite characters from your favorite ’80s movies are at THE PROM, from the Captain of the Football Team to the Asian Exchange Student, from the Geek to the hottie Head Cheerleader, and they’re all competing for Prom King and Queen. Tickets are $30 each available online at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604.684-2787.

A Nice Family Gathering

A Nice Family GatheringQueer  Content!Read our review
Metro Theatre
26 February – 27 March 2010

A wonderful comedy that focuses on the angst-filled day of Carl, a truck-driver journalist, whose only claim to fame is his slice-of-life column in the town’s weekly local paper. Not only must he deal with his mentally deteriorating mom, his successful doctor older brother, Michael, and his life-intimidated younger Lesbian sister, Stacy, Carl is also being haunted by his deceased dad who has some unfinished business to accomplish through his less than cooperative middle son. Tickets $15-$18 available by calling the Metro box office at 604 266-7191.

TheatreSports: In The Raw

TheatreSports: In The Raw
Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island
March 19th & 20th and 26th & 27th

TheatreSports® is back for 8 nights only at the Waterfront Theatre as their new theatre is under construction. Featuring our all-time favourite show “TheatreSports®”, with two teams competing in a sports-like atmosphere. The shows are completely improvised, based on audience suggestions and judged by audience judges. Visit the VTSL website for tickets and information.

Arms and  the Man

Arms and the Man Read our review
Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC
17 – 27 March 2010

Notions of love and warfare are turned upside down in this witty anti-romantic comedy of ideas, which takes the stage of the Frederic Wood Theatre by storm with a LIVE band playing all your favorite Bulgarian Folk Music hits! Tickets $15-$25 available by calling the theatre box office at 604.822.2678. Visit for more information.

The Russian Play and Mexico City

The Russian Play & Mexico City
Performance Works, Granville Island
24 – 28 March 2010

Lurking through the doomed men and rotten ideals of Stalinist Russia, The Russian Play is a bleak, bittersweet and darkly ironic ode to the dangerous joys of love. Set amidst the chaos and noise of Mexico’s capital in the 1960s, Mexico City is a short satiric romance that explores the intersection between tourism-as-voyeurism and the battle of the sexes. Tickets $20-$24 available online or by calling 604-629-VTIX (8849).


Capilano Performing Arts Theatre, North Vancouver
25 March – 3 April 2010

To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score and augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people and guiding them with a warm heart and an open mind. Tickets are $8-$20 available online or by calling 604.990.7810.

The Love List

The Love List Read our review
Vancouver Playhouse
6 March – 10 April 2010

What do you get a friend for a 50th birthday present? Well, if you’re a guy, you buy him a “love list.” Bill is to put pen to paper and come up with a list of ten qualities that define the perfect woman and according to the Gypsy where Leon made this dubious purchase, she will appear. After much collaboration the list is complete and much to their surprise, she appears. Bill’s world is turned upside down as he learns more about himself, perfection and the pursuit of happiness. Tickets available online or by calling 604.873.3311.

Paradise Garden

Paradise Garden
Arts Club Stanley Theatre
11 March – 11 April 2010

Local boy Day, a free spirit, lives next door to worldly Layla, a career-driven intellectual. The two have nothing in common. Or do they? Over time these divergent souls come to understand each other in a way neither thought possible. A contemporary tale of romance and cultural divides so engaging it will change the way you see the girl (or boy) next door! Tickets available online or by calling 604.687.1644.

Queen  Lear

Queen Lear
Presentation House, North Vancouver
25 March – 10 April 2010

An aging actress cast in an all female production of Queen Lear hires a young girl to help her memorize her lines. Musing on the different stages of life that both women exemplify, illustrating beautifully how time and experience separate them. Tickets are $25.50 – $30 available online at Tickets Tonight.

Memoirs  of a Single Gay White MaleMemoirs of a Single Gay White MaleQueer Content! Click for more!
Performance Works, Granville Island
7 – 11 April 2010

After hit, sold out runs in Ottawa and Montreal, Memoirs returns to Vancouver in a new revised production. Since it’s premier three years ago, Memoirs has evolved and grown. For those who saw the production three years ago, this is a whole new show. It is even funnier and has new surprises. Tickets are $20 available at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604.684-2787.

Brave New Play  Rites 2010

Brave New Play Rites 2010 Queer  Content!Click for more!
Dorothy Somerset Studio Theatre, UBC
7 – 11 April 2010

Ranging from quirky romances to serious dramatic fare, Brave New Play Rites features a festival of new plays written and directed by students in UBC’s Creative Writing and Theatre Programs. Included this year are four shows with a GLBTQ focus. Tickets are available by calling 604-822-2678. Visit for more information.

Savage  Parade

Savage Parade
Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island
8 – 10 April 2010

Savage Parade is a vibrant new work that combines traditional theatre elements with the recital stage. It is a biographical drama incorporating the French art songs that used Verlaine’s evocative poetry as the lyrics. Tickets are $20-$27 available online or by calling 1-800-838-2006.

Billy Bishop Goes to War

Billy Bishop Goes to War Read our review
Arts Club Granville Island Stage
25 March – 17 April 2010

This tour de force—featuring a pianist and one actor playing 18 characters—follows the trajectory of Billy Bishop’s career from ne’er-do-well cavalry officer to the nation’s most-decorated soldier. Both comic and dramatic, the myth of the daring WWI flying ace is told through story and song in one of the most popular musicals in the Canadian canon. Tickets available online or by calling 604.687.1644.

Cozy Catastrophe

Cozy Catastrophe
Venue TBA
7 – 17 April 2010

Horrific events are overwhelming the entirety of human civilization. Four strangers must decide what to do with what could be their final hours. Should they pray? Fight back? Repopulate the earth? Or just get to know each other a little better? Cozy Catastrophe is a dark comedy about ordinary folks bound together by extraordinary circumstance. Tickets $10 each.


Firehall Arts Centre
7 – 17 April 2010

Written and performed by d’bi young anitafrika, Blood.claat, is a story told through multiple generations in which rituals travel in symbolic cycles of scorn and celebration exposing rites in which all metaphors unite in the fluid of life. Tickets are $16 – $28 available online or by calling the Firehall Arts Centre box office at 604.689.0926.


Box Studios
9 – 17 April 2010

How is trauma transmitted through time and blood?

Seeking revenge for years of abuse, Holick locks himself inside the physical manifestation of the trauma his father suffered during the Second World War. As his father’s psychosis becomes more dangerous, Holick becomes trapped in a phantasmagorical nightmare.  Tickets are $15 each available by calling 778.846.8776.

Where's Charley?

Where’s Charley? Read our review Click for more!
Studio 58, Langara College
25 March – 18 April 2010

Studio 58 proudly presents Where’s Charley?, a charming and hysterically funny musical adapted from one of the most popular farces ever written, on stage from March 25 to April 18, 2010. Frank Loesser’s tuneful and catchy score delivers non-stop entertainment for the entire family! Tickets are $16.50 – $24.50 each available online at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604.684.2787.

Bat Boy The Musical

Bat Boy The Musical
Norman Rothstein Theatre
8 – 18 April 2010

Probably the only musical in history to be written with a special license from the Weekly World News, Bat Boy The Musical is inspired by an actual story in the tabloid, about a half-boy, half-bat discovered living in a cave. Tickets are $25 – $44 available at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604-684-2787.

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days
Richmond Gateway Theatre
8 – 24 April 2010

Join in the big fun of Mark Brown’s adaptation of the Jules Verne classic Around the World in 80 Days. Reserve tickets for the entire family online at or by calling Gateway’s Box Office at 604-270-1812.

Brides of  the Moon

Brides of the MoonQueer  Content!Click for more!
Havana Theatre
14 – 17 & 20 – 24 April 2010

A lesbian sci-fi romp through space, Antarctica, and a microwave oven – all comedy, all camp. This comedy is written by the razor-sharp satirists, The Five Lesbian Brothers, and produced by a multi-award winning theatre group, The Leaping Thespians. It is a bawdy, dystopic and subversive comedy. Tickets are $18 – $20 available online or at Kokopelli’s Hair Salon and Little Sisters.

Ali and Ali

Ali & Ali 7: Hey Brother, Can you Spare Some Hope and Change?
The Clutch
14 – 24 April 2010

Worried about H1N1? Lose your shirt in the economic meltdown? No-one sublet your apartment for the Olympics? Boyfriend tell you he’s polyamorous? Relax: Ali and Ali are back — and they’re way worse off than you. Brand New Show! Tickets are $28-40 available online or by calling The Cultch box office at 604.251.1363.

Rumble’s emerging arts festival returns to showcase works created by some of this country’s most innovative new companies.
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