Memoirs returns with new and improved production

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Vancouver writer, David Blue brings back his 2007 play Memoirs of a Single Gay White Male for a short run beginning April 7th at Performance Works.  We caught up with David as he gets ready to re-mount what he calls this “new, improved and revised production”.

Memoirs of a Single Gay White MaleWhile Memoirs of a Single Gay White Male may not have been seen in Vancouver for a few years, it has been popping up elsewhere in Canada with a production in Ottawa in 2008 and a workshop in Montreal in 2009.  A fully translated French version is also in the works for another production in Montreal this summer.

“The Ottawa production came about through a friend,” explained Blue.  “And the Montreal production coming this summer is being produced by the lead actor in the Ottawa production”.

Both of these Central Canadian productions have also meant some re-working of the script according to Blue and perhaps even a little artistic theft.

“Some rewrites have meant giving some of the other characters more to do now and not essentially being a two hour monologue for the main character,” said Blue.  “I love other people’s input in my shows, so seeing someone else producing the show is not a problem.  In fact, I stole a couple ideas from the Ottawa show, with their blessing of course, for this Vancouver run.”

And it seems that these re-writes are just what the doctored ordered for Blue too.

“Writing for me is cathartic,” explained Blue.  “And it is a whole lot cheaper than therapy.”

Part of that therapy for Blue obviously means baring his life for all to see on stage as the show is loosely based on his own life experience of his first break-up and his journey into the dating world.

“Young Brad is definitely me,” admitted Blue.  “And Bobby, that heartless bastard that ruined my life, is loosely based on the first love of my life”.

But Blue is also quick to mention that while a lot of what appears on stage happened to him, he has also taken some of what he calls “the more ridiculous dating stories” from friends and incorporated them into the show as well.

Beyond this re-mount, Blue is also working on a number of other projects and getting back to his gay roots.  Where last year’s Six Grooms might not have resonated with this core gay audience, we’re pretty sure, at least by the title, that Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen will.  Confessions is expected to open sometime this summer.

But for now, its all about celebrating the single life.  And, if we are to believe Brad in Memoirs of a Single Gay White Male, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Memoirs of a Single Gay White Male
7 – 11 April 2010
Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver

Tickets are $20 available at Little Sisters, online at Tickets Tonight or by calling 604.684-2787.

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