Is it still too soon to laugh about 9/11?

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Is it still too soon to laugh about 9/11?  With the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks only days away, Vancouver theatre goers will have an opportunity to find out when New York Monologues opens at the J Lounge in Vancouver’s West End on September 9th.

New York Monologues“Playwright Mike Poblete was a teen living in Brooklyn at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks,” explained director Sean O’Hara.  “The show is based on his personal experience on the day and the years that followed as a montage of stories from New Yorkers who have all been affected directly and indirectly by 9/11.”

Consisting of sixteen different monologues delivered by nine actors (some of which are pictured right), New York Monologues runs the gamut of New York denizens.  “We have an Indian Deli owner, a mortician, a prostitute, a soccer coach, a homeless person, a policeman, a news reporter,” said O’Hara. “As for the gay character you’ll have to see the show …”

Originally work-shopped at The Attic Studio in Dublin, New York Monologues has only just recently made its New York debut.  “I spoke to Mike the other week and he was very pleased with the turn out and the production,” said O’Hara. “Our version is more stand-up/cabaret and possibly a little more manic.”

And as for it still being too early to laugh at the 9/11 tragedy, O’Hara is perhaps a little philosophical.  “It is a story of our time; it’s about all of us. The show will help heal, forgive, learn and to ultimately help us remember that laughter is indeed the best medicine.”

New York Monologues
J Lounge, 1216 Bute Street
9 – 12 September 2010

The New York Monologues is a humorous, poignant and unapologetic reflection of how a nation’s most talked about tragedy affected the world’s most neurotic, cynical and irreverent city. Tickets by donation at the door ($10 suggested).  Visit the group’s Facebook page for more information.

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