2010/11 Cultch season to include play with two-spirited theme

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With Vancouver’s theatre companies each vying for our entertainment dollars, we set out to find which of the local companies with programmed seasons to see what GLBTQ themed shows they might be planning.  First up is the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (The Cultch) who will present the award-winning Agokwe as part of its 2010/2011 season.

Waawaate Fobister in AgokweAgokwe (pronounced “agoo-kway; meaning “wise woman” or “Two-Spirited”) explores unrequited love between teenaged boys from neighbouring reserves. Mike is a hockey player and Jake is a dancer. The boys notice each other at the Kenora Shoppers Mall and ultimately connect through a mutual love of movement while Mike is skating and Jake is dancing “like grass blowing in the wind.”

Playing these and many more characters through the iconic multifarious persona of Nanabush (the trickster), playwright and performer Waawaate Fobister intertwines the boys’ attraction with each other through activities that traditionally separate gender and sexual orientation. This tour-de-force performance is a remarkable and refreshing testament to the joys and tragedies of growing up marginalized by race and sexuality within a small community.

Agokwe is the winner of six Dora Mavor Moore Awards and will play The Cultch as part of their 2010/2011 season on January 17-22, 2011.

In addition to Agokwe, The Cultch 2010/2011 season will include nine other shows in its Presentation Series, five in its Music/Indie Series and three in its Family-time Series.

The Cultch – Vancouver East Cultural Centre

The Cultch 2010/2011 season begins October 13th with a variety of ticket packages available.  Visit http://www.thecultch.com for tickets and information.

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