Review: The Number 14

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The Number 14, directed by Wayne Specht, is a tribute to the characters we all love and loathe from public transport. Based on the infamous route along Hastings Street , this performance takes us through a day in the life of the Number 14 bus.

The Number 14Achieved through a series of sketches, rather than one continuing story, the Axis Theatre Company brings to life a wide range of characters that makes the audience smile, laugh, cringe, and knowingly nod, in recognition from our own experiences.

Personal favorites include a skit showing how the shared experience of being terrorized by a caffeine and sugar high teenager, can break down barriers between the most estranged of groups allowing them to acknowledge each other and laugh together; another is the hysterical portrayal of the politically incorrect OAPs on their way to bingo.

Performances that can’t rely on a storyline, to engage the audience and get them to care, need to bring something else to the stage and The Number 14 certainly succeeds in doing so.

Following the mandate of the Axis Company, this is a great example of the performing arts of physical theatre. The combination of mime, dance, and acrobatics that wow, ensure the audience is never bored.

While at times the performance could be a little tighter, the use of props and the stage is well done and the portrayal of the characters has the audience laughing throughout. Achieving a standing ovation on opening night, this show is great fun, with a little something for everyone.

The Number 14 is playing at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island until July 26th.  Tickets are available at Tickets Tonight by calling 604-684-2787 or can be purchased online.

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