Refreshed Ga Ting (Family) gets another life at The Cultch


Ga Ting (Family) explores homophobia in the Chinese community, and racism in the gay community

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Ga Ting (Family), the frank theatre company’s groundbreaking 2014 hit, gets another life at The Cultch with a reworked script.

Following the success of the play’s original run at the Richmond Cultural Centre in 2014, playwright Minh Ly has revised his play for a deeper exploration of some of its themes.

“For this production, the script has been reworked so that the play delves more deeply into race and sexual politics, namely homophobia in the Chinese community, and racism in the gay community,” says the frank artistic producer Chris Gatchalian.

Ly’s first play, Ga Ting weaves a powerful and emotionally-charged story about an immigrant Chinese couple trying to come to terms with the death of their son, Kevin. When they invite Kevin’s Caucasian boyfriend for dinner after the funeral, the evening devolves into a fiery cultural and generational clash.

“I don’t see Ga Ting as strictly a ‘gay’ play or an ‘Asian’ play,” says Ly. “It’s a show about Chinese-Canadian immigrant parents grappling with their gay son’s death that I hope offers an authentic Canadian experience. We’re not all white and we’re not all straight, and Ga Ting is an onstage reflection of the issues that come with that. Hopefully it’s a conversation starter; an opportunity for dialogue that might not happen before it’s too late, before there’s regret.

Ga Ting (Family) plays The Cultch March 8-19 and is presented in English & Cantonese, with English & Chinese surtitles. Visit for tickets and information.

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