Vincent River explores the aftermath of a hate crime

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Vancouver’s Osimous Theatre is pushing theatrical boundaries once again with a production of Philip Ridley’s Vincent River, a play that explores the aftermath of a hate crime.

Having recently lost her son to a homophobic attack, Anita must come to terms with her loss, and the hidden fact of his sexuality, an aspect of his identity that she had refused to accept while he was alive. Her grief and acceptance is complicated by the arrival of the battered and bruised Davey, the seventeen-year-old who confesses to Anita that he cannot escape Vincent’s ghost.

Beyond the emotional and contemporary content of the play, Frazer has designed his production of Vincent River to be performed by six actors who have never rehearsed together.

“We call it live theatre, but the only thing live about it is that there are living, breathing human beings on the stage. I wanted to make this show as real as we can make it,” he says.

Despite the unique concept for presenting Vincent River, Frazer insists that it is still very much about the story. “I still want this story to be told, but I want it to be fresh and true,” he says.

You can read Bob Frazer’s extended interview about Vincent River on Vancouver Presents.

Vincent River plays Little Mountain Gallery (195 E 26 Ave, Vancouver) Sep 9-20. Visit for tickets and information.

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