The Frank Theatre Company launches its “breakthrough” season


Kim Villagante stars in the frank theatre company / Queer Arts Festival co-production of Sister Mary's a Dyke?! Photo: Raymond Shum

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The Frank Theatre Company, Vancouver’s only professional LGBTQ theatre company, announced a 2015/2016 season that Artistic Producer Chris Gatchalian calls a “breakthrough”.

In its season announcement, the company characterizes its season of shows to be about a breakthrough – whether a self-realization, redemption, discovery, or acceptance – as seen through the lens of a diverse array of playwrights.

“On one level, it reflects how much our little company has grown in a relatively short period of time. But more than that, it’s a call to action for our audiences, to engage with us this season, break through your underlying assumptions and boundaries, and prepare to be transformed,” says Gatchalian.

Opening the season in July is Sister Mary’s A Dyke?!, which plays as part of this year’s Queer Arts Festival. In this new comedy by Toronto playwright Flerida Peña, a pious, innocent Catholic schoolgirl discovers that not everything is at it seems at Crown of Thorns Academy. After falling in love for the first time, Abby is sent by Sister Mary on a mission that sends her beyond the walls of her all-girls school, where notions of herself and the church are turned on their head in this one-person show.

In December, The Frank Theatre Company presents Unsex’d by Vancouver playwright Jan Derbyshire. Completely historically inaccurate, satirically biting and gratuitously crude, Unsex’d returns to a time when men played all the roles in theatre and tells the madcap story of two boy-players who fight it out for the role of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s newest play.

The new year begins with a production of Miss Understood, a theatrical distillation of the poetry and life of local trans* spoken-word artist Antonette Rea. Miss Understood is a brutal and sometimes hilarious story of oppression and transformation through the frank and funny poems of one of life’s shining survivors.

March sees the return of Ga Ting (Family), The Frank’s 2014 hit with a freshly developed script. Ga Ting weaves a powerful and emotionally charged story about an immigrant Chinese couple trying to come to terms with the death of their son Kevin. When they invite Kevin’s Caucasian boyfriend for dinner after the funeral, the evening devolves into a fiery cultural and generational clash.

Closing out the season in April is Walt Whitman’s Secret, a play based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by George Fetherling. This imagined telling of Walt Whitman’s final years sees the famed poet haunted by a past love, a political secret, and the vestiges of his own towering genius. As it turns out, Walt Whitman’s secret isn’t his homosexuality, but another one entirely.

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