Theatre review: Proud is surprisingly balanced and mother freaking funny


Craig Erickson, Andrew Wheeler and Emmelia Gordon in the Firehall Arts Centre production of Michael Healey's Proud. Photo by Emily Cooper. - See more at:

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For all the controversy that precedes it, Michael Healey’s Proud is surprisingly balanced (and very, very funny).

Now on stage at the Firehall Arts Centre, Proud comes with a tale of potential political fallout worthy of any theatrical conspiracy theorist (assuming there is really such a thing). Originally written for Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre in 2012, the script was rejected as potentially libelous. That rejection led to Healey’s resignation as Tarragon’s playwright-in-residence, a job he had held for eleven years. Theatre companies across the country have since rallied behind the script and it was only a matter of time before a full-scale production found its way to Vancouver.

Read the entire review at Vancouver Presents.

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