Vic & Jack: laugh track not included

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We’ve all heard the announcements telling us our favourite television sitcom was filmed before a live studio audience, but while there may be no filming involved, Vancouver playwright Jacqueline Korb is taking a similar idea to her new play Vic & Jack.

Victoria Deschanel and Jacqueline Korb star in Vic & Jack.

Victoria Deschanel and Jacqueline Korb star in Vic & Jack.

“I’ve written Vic & Jack very much like you would a television show, but without the cameras,” says Korb who will present the first three “episodes” each night during the show’s run at the Havana Theatre.

Telling the story of two friends living together, Vic & Jack gets inspiration from classics like The Odd Couple, although Korb insists that she didn’t really have the Oscar and Felix storyline in mind when she sat down to write her play.

“We bring it up as a joke, but I didn’t really think of that show when I put it together,” she says.  “There are definite parallels but there are also different sensibilities around Vic and Jack getting along under the same roof.”

Set in Vancouver, it stars Korb as Jack who just happens to be a playwright and Victoria Deschanel as Vic, an actor.  Along with the central storyline of the two roommates, in true sitcom style, friends also drop by to wreak havoc.

“I love sitcoms, I’ve always loved them,” explains Korb as to why she chose to write Vic & Jack in this style.  “Watching sitcoms is what made me want to become an actor.  I always found them as a great escape from the everyday world and have always wanted to do something like this. Since I don’t have the resources to do a real sitcom on television, this was the next best choice.”

Presented in 25 minute episodes in the single evening performance, the first introduces us to Vic and Jack, with the next two introducing new characters and situations.

“We play characters very similar to ourselves,” says Korb although she insists that it is far from autobiographical.  “I’ve taken a few things from my everyday life and put them into the show.  I am a gay woman so my character is gay, but that isn’t a focal point of the show.”

With each episode self-contained, Korb isn’t worried about an audience not having seen these first three should they develop more.

“We hope to put on more episodes depending on how the show is received,” she says.  “I wanted to do three because they are short and to give people a taste of who these people are and how they relate to each other.”

Vic & Jack runs for four nights (July 3 – 6, 2013) at the Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive. Tickets are $15 cash only at the door.  Visit for more information.

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