On stage in January and February 2013

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Make this year’s New Year’s resolution to get out and enjoy the performing arts. Here’s what’s playing on Vancouver stages in January and February including shows with LGBTQ content.

Are we missing a show? Send us the details and we’ll get you listed! Do you have an LGBTQ! connection – let us know as we’d love to do a preview!

24 January – 24 February 2013
Stanley TheatreBernard, a successful architect in swinging sixties Paris, is even more successful with the ladies. In fact, he juggles the hearts of three air hostesses who jet in and out of his groovy bachelor pad.  But when Boeing introduces a faster jet, Bernard’s precise romantic timetable goes hysterically off course and turbulence looms. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.
Spring AwakeningSpring Awakening LGBTQ Content
31 January – 24 February 2013
Studio 58This musical adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s controversial play explores teenage self-discovery and emerging sexuality against the backdrop of a repressive 19th century Germany.  Visit http://studio58.ca for tickets and information.
The Good GameThe Good Game
White Rock Players
6 – 23 February 2013A group of old hockey friends return to the rink after 30 years to relive their glory days. Can the Old-Timers beat the new team? Can 30 years be erased with the pop of a beer can? If life is the problem, can hockey be the cure?  Visit http://www.whiterockplayers.ca for tickets and information.
The Girl in the FrameThe Girl in the Frame
Studio 1398, Granville Island
13 February – 2 March 2013This show perfectly marries a universal message with comedic influences. The Girl In The Frame will leave you thinking about the message you may not have caught because you were laughing so hard. Featuring the writings of Jeremy Desman, this “frisky fantasy” is one not to be missed!  Visit http://intimatetheatreproductions.com for tickets and information.
Love LettersLove Letters
Presentation House Theatre
14 – 17 February 2013The play tells the story of Andrew Makepeace Ladd and Melissa Gardner, whose poignantly funny friendship and ill-fated romance takes them from second grade through adolescence, maturity, and into middle age. The words are both hysterical and moving; the audience comes to know both of them intimately – from their strict WASP upbringing, through later life political aspirations, love affairs, military service and artistic ambitions. Visit http://phtheatre.org for tickets and information.
My Funny ValentineMy Funny Valentine LGBTQ Content Click here for more!
19 February – 2 March 2013
Firehall Arts CentreA death goes far beyond its immediate surroundings: it echoes through a community. On February 11, 2008, in California, 14-year-old Lawrence King asked his classmate Brandon McInerney to be his valentine. The next day, McInerney shot King twice in the head. After being declared brain-dead, King passed away on February 14, 2008–Valentine’s Day. Visit http://www.zeezeetheatre.ca for more information.
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in ParisJacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
20 February – 2 March 2013
Presentation HouseBrel’s complex use of language and how simply it seems to unfold is a trademark of his brilliance and artistic talent. Jacques Brel is just as relevant now as it was in 1968. Its timeless themes reflect on war and peace, life and death, and of the divisions between the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Visit http://www.phtheatre.org for tickets and information.
Holmes and Watson Save the EmpireHolmes & Watson Save the Empire!
27 February – 16 March 2012
Deep Cove Shaw TheatreOnce again the fate of the British Empire lies in the hands of the greatest crime fighting team in literature. Holmes and his faithful friend Watson have until midnight to solve the fiendish Moriarty’s deadly puzzle. Where is the QV2? What is Victoria’s secret? How on earth did Holmes end up on the stage of the Gaiety Music Hall? Who is the mysterious Nightingale of Nuremburg? And why is Watson wearing her dress…?  Visit http://firstimpressionstheatre.com for tickets and information.
AgokweAgokwe LGBTQ Content
28 February – 2 March 2013
The CultchAgokwe is a star-crossed, queer love story about two teenage boys from neighbouring reserves, bound by their mutual love for movement. Part of the Talking Stick Festival. Visit http://www.fullcircle.ca for tickets and information.

Previously in January & February:

FiorelloFiorello (In Concert)
Pyatt Hall
14 – 16 February 2013The show tells the story of New York City congressman and mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, an unconventional Republican politician who put an end to the corrupt politics of Tammany Hall. The story is not only historically significant, but altogether inspiring, comedic and romantic. Visit http://www.applausemusicals.com for tickets and information.
Evil Dead the MusicalEvil Dead the Musical
14 – 16 February 2013
Waterfront TheatreYou won’t want to miss this hilarious live stage show that takes all the elements of the cult classic horror films, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness and combines them to create one of the craziest theatrical experiences of all time. Visit http://evildeadtour.com for tickets and information.
Risky Nights: How Should You Be?Risky Nights: How Should You Be?
Studio 58
12 – 16 February 2013How should you lie? How should you love? How should you make a delicious sandwich? How Should You Be? is a collective creation of dance, interviews, fact and fiction that tells us once and for all how we should be.  Visit http://studio58.ca for more information.
Leave of Absence`Leave of Absence LGBTQ Content Click here for more! Click for review
25 January – 16 February 2013
Pacific TheatreA community is blown apart when an audacious young girl challenges long-held views of spirituality and sexuality. Pacific Theatre presents the world premiere of a searing drama of bigotry and transcendence by local playwright Lucia Frangione.  Visit http://www.pacifictheatre.org for tickets and information.
Ride the CycloneRide the Cyclone LGBTQ Content Click for review
17 January – 16 February 2013
Granville Island StageA high school chamber choir from Uranium, Saskatchewan, perishes in a freak roller-coaster accident, and the Amazing Karnack, a mechanized fortune-teller, feels responsible. To make amends, he brings the teens back to life to sing about their thwarted dreams and desires in one final concert. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.
The Secret MaskThe Secret Mask
30 January – 10 February 2013
Presentation HouseThe Secret Mask takes us into the life of a middle-aged man, struggling with his ex-wife and teenaged son. Suddenly, his own estranged Dad comes back into his life. After 40 years Ernie, the jerk who abandoned him when he was two years old, has suffered a stroke and now has Aphasia, a condition where words get jumbled. George is the only family Ernie has. Visit http://www.phtheatre.org for tickets and information.
Cold ComfortCold Comfort Click for review
30 January – 9 February 2013
Havana TheatreYogurt Theatre presents Cold Comfort by Jim Garrard, a dark and twisted journey into rural Saskatchewan in 1980, directed by Kevin Bennett ,one of Vancouverʼs most celebrated young directors. Visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com for tickets and information.
RhinocerosRhinoceros Click here for more! Click for review
24 January – 9 February 2013
Studio Theatre, Chan Centre, UBCWhat do you do when everyone around you is turning into a rhinoceros? Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist masterpiece follows a tragic everyman called Berenger, who must navigate the chaos in his small French village as the townsfolk are transformed into stampeding pachyderms. As bipeds become an ever-smaller minority, what will it take for him to stand up to the increasing menace of rhinocerisation? Visit http://www.theatre.ubc.ca for tickets and information.
Nate and Troy: The Next Big ThingsNate and Troy: The Next Big Things
25 – 26 January & 1 February 2013
Carousel TheatreNate and Troy: The Next Big Things is an engaging evening of storytelling, in which the pair share poignant and humorous tales with one another and the audience, drawing on their own lives. As the stories of personal growth, teenage awkwardness, and the loss of loved ones unfold, it slowly becomes clear how common and shared these experiences are. Visit http://SHIFTTheatre.ca for more information.
Vancouver Theatresports LeagueVancouver Theatresports League
4 – 31 January 2013
The Improv CentrePresenting ten weekly live shows at The Improv Centre on Granville Island.  Vancouver TheatreSports League’s brand of improvisation is a highly theatrical fusion of the dramatic elements of comedy and tragedy coupled with the enthusiasm and edge-of-your-seat excitement of professional sport.  Visit http://www.vtsl.com for tickets and information.
Don JuanDon Juan
Through 26 January 2013
The CultchHeretic. Swordsman. Seducer. Don Juan. Blackbird Theatre presents a daring new adaptation of Molière’s most scandalous comedy. Three songs, two duels and a trip to Hell — an evening with comedy’s great master playwright, Molière. Visit http://www.blackbirdtheatre.ca for more information.
The Good ThiefThe Good Thief Click for review
15 – 19 January 2013
Havana TheatreOne man tells the story of how his career as a paid thug in Dublin’s underworld and life with his unfaithful girlfriend takes a costly turn for the worse through unpredictable events of violent love and loss. Visit http://www.loveoutlaws.com for more information.
Ordinary DaysOrdinary Days Click for review LGBTQ Content
Carousel Theatre Studio
3 – 19 January 2012A taut and tender one-act musical, sung-through with a score that’s often as riotous and colourful as Times Square, and yet as yearning as the empty space in New York’s post-9/11 skyline. Here, the ordinary is revealed to be anything but: as the lives of four young adults collide, this urban fable challenges its inhabitants, and celebrates the extraordinary that exists in every invaluable moment. Visit http://www.relephanttheatre.ca for tickets and information.

The Gay Mafia

The Gay Mafia LGBTQ Content Click for review
2 – 12 January 2013
Jericho Arts Centre

Things are going to get fabulously nasty as the Gay Mafia is thrown into turmoil as The Don announces his intent to step down. The Gay Mafia is a wildly fun and unpredictable comedy play with music! Visit http://www.jerichoartscentre.com for tickets and information.

Firehall Arts Centre
3 – 13 January 2012DJ Dawe shares his experience joining a retreat led by famed addictions physician Dr. Gabor Maté, where participants ingest the Amazonian psychotropic plant medicine ayahuasca and confront their demons. Dawe’s monologue takes audiences on a funny, and at times dark, introspective journey into the playwright’s search for what lies behind his impulses and motivations. Visit http://www.firehallartscentre.ca for tickets and information.
Grim & FischerGrim & Fischer
4 – 13 January 2013
The CultchCome witness Death meet his match in Mrs. Fischer, a stubborn older woman not ready to breathe her last. In this surreal work of imagination and whimsy, one woman’s fight for survival takes fantastical flight in a showdown with Death himself! Visit http://thecultch.com for tickets and information.
The Theory of EverythingThe Theory of Everything LGBTQ Content Click for review
Roundhouse Community Centre
9 – 12 January 2013A delightfully witty, touching and ultimately uplifting comedy that looks at Asian-American identity across three generations. The play paints a comical tableaux of seven Asian-Americans who gather atop a Las Vegas wedding chapel every week in search of UFOs. While scanning the skies, they gaze into each other’s souls, and discover a unique personal bond as they search for a deeper meaning to their otherwise empty Vegas lives. Visit http://ww.vact.ca for tickets and information.

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