It’s no joke: the Tops & Bottoms are on the move

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It’s no joke.  On April 1st, Vancouver’s queer improvisational show Tops & Bottoms completes its move to Granville Island, presenting its unique brand of LGBTQ humour at the Improv Centre every Monday night.

To commemorate the move, members of the comedy troupe recently marched from the Village to their new home on Granville Island to generate a bit of buzz.

“We wanted to make a really fun event out of it and we always like to make a spectacle,” says long time Tops & Bottoms performer Alan Pavlakovic.  “We saw fans, talked about the show, handed out flyers, and had a great time doing it. We were joined by improvisers, board members of our society, friends, family, and long-time fans all proving how much they believe in the show!”

Members of the Tops & Bottoms queer improv troupe have packed up and headed over to Granville Island.
Members of the Tops & Bottoms queer improv troupe have packed up and headed over to Granville Island.

Usually dark (theatre speak for closed) on Monday nights, the Vancouver Theatresports purpose-built facility on Granville Island was a natural fit for the group.

“A green room, backstage, actual wings on a stage, back drops, lights, sound engineer all these little things really help solidify how real and exciting this entire endeavor is,” says Pavlakovic.

And while the move to a professional theatre from the bars and pubs of the Dave Village, the usual haunt for the group over the years, will provide them with all the theatrical bells and whistles, it is actually a single thing that Pavlakovic is most looking forward to: “I just really love doors on stage. If there is a physical door you can slam or creak open on stage you [know you’ve] made it.”

Leaving behind the local gay bars and pubs after seven years is bittersweet for Pavlakovic, who says despite the distractions of performing in a non-traditional theatre space the audiences they attracted were always committed.

“We had such engaged audiences that lots of the chatter and background noise was erased and we weren’t fighting with our crowd,” says Pavlakovic.  “I feel our core audience of Bobberellas and Bobberfellas will like a more professional look and feel and any new comers will really get the best The Bobbers has on an even more beautiful stage.”

Not worried that the LGBTQ community will have a difficult time finding them with a move outside the gaybourhood, Pavlakovic wants to remind everyone that Granville Island is only a “fairy” ride away from the West End.

“Besides we know every self-respecting homo takes taxis after the sun goes down anyways. And we marched from Davie to Granville Island already, so it can be done,” he says.

Tops and Bottoms Queer Improv Show
Starts 1 April 2013 (every Monday through 16 September)
The Improv Centre, Granville Island

The Queer Improv show relaunches on April Fool’s Day.  The show has been an award-winning fixture of the West End community and bars for seven years. However, the fully licensed Improv Centre, which was designed specifically for improv comedy, offers comfort, style, and great sightlines.  Visit the group’s Facebook page for more information.

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