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Coming out as gay in Hollywood is still considered in many circles as the quickest way to kill a career, but is that really true?  Do stage actors who are out face similar challenges to their careers?  Vancouver’s queer community will have an opportunity to explore these questions and get some practical tips in an upcoming series of workshops.

Presented by the Bob Loblaw Queer Arts Society as part of the Queer Arts Festival, Q Actors Connecting is a three-part forum featuring a critically recognized and self-identified LGBTQ actor sharing their experiences, insights, challenges, and triumphs.

Based on the long-running Bravo television show Inside the Actors Studio, the forum provides an opportunity for local queer actors to seek advice and be inspired by their peers.

Beyond helping to answer the broader question of whether LGBTQ actors face different challenges in their careers because of their sexuality, the forum will explore a number of other topics including how to find work and how to handle the inevitable rejection.

Appearing on July 27 is comedian, performer, writer and self-described goof, Morgan Brayton.  Despite the forum’s focus on challenges for queer actors though, Brayton says sexuality isn’t necessarily the one that will prevent an actor from getting a role.

“I don’t consider myself a gay actor, I consider myself an actor,” says Brayton.” I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how the industry discriminates against me because I’m queer. …there are 187 other reasons why you won’t get the part, long before your sexuality comes into play.”

Joining Brayton on subsequent Saturdays are actors and playwrights, Bill Marchant and Shawn Macdonald.  In addition to being on the hot seat answering questions, the trio will share the stage with forum participants in a reading of a recent queer Canadian script.

The forums will also be filmed for Acting In The Closet, an upcoming OUTtv documentary television special.

Q – Actors Connecting

July 27, August 3 & 10, 2013 (1pm – 4pm) at the Vancouver Film School, 420 Homer Street.  By donation. To reserve a seat send an email to  Visit for more information.

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