Theatre review: Drag Queens On Trial was a huge disappointment

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What a difference a day can make.  With a solid opening for Ghost Light Projects’ new season with The Pitch and Mother May I, there was much anticipation for the opening of Sky Gilbert’s Drag Queens On Trial.  Unfortunately that anticipation quickly became huge disappointment.

Drag Queens On TrialWhat should be agitprop at its campy best quickly collapsed into a mess of shouting, forgotten words and a total disregard for the paying audience as Gilbert’s plea for tolerance was all but lost opening night.  To actually ask for a “do over” in Gilbert’s powerful final scene is disrespectful not only to the audience but to the playwright himself.  But to be honest, I had given up long before then and I’m not sure any eloquence or coherence in this final speech could have saved anything.

Save your money and see The Pitch and Mother May I instead.

1 Out of 5 Stars Drag Queens On Trial

Written by Sky Gilbert.  Directed by Jordan Patterson.  A Ghost Light Projects production.  On stage at the PAL Theatre through March 18, 2012 in rep with The Pitch and Mother May I.  Visit for tickets and information.

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