The best of Vancouver theatre in 2012

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Tying last year’s record of seeing (and reviewing) 91 theatre productions, it was another great year on Vancouver stages.  A truly eclectic mix of shows makes up my list of the ten best theatre productions in 2012.

The best of Vancouver theatre in 2012As always I remain grateful to the theatre companies who invite me to see their shows; make a new year’s resolution to experience some live theatre in 2013 – you will be glad you did!

10These actors are f*cking amazing – Mojo (ITSAZOO Productions)

My only review from 2012 that contains profanity, it seems somehow suited to this show so full of profanity AND brilliant performances.

09Like a championship fight – Danny and The Deep Blue Sea (Annunciation Pictures / Pacific Theatre)

Simultaneously violent and lyrical, this unlikely love story was gritty, real ,heart-pounding and delivered a knock-out.

08Summer among the rain – The Exquisite Hour (Relephant Theatre)

It is rare a title is so evocative of the reality on stage.  This truly was an exquisite production that had me forgetting the monsoons of summer.

07I saw the future – Flop! (Delinquent Theatre)

Anton Lipovetsky’s original musical was cause for celebration.  I saw the future of musical theatre and it started  here.

06Most fun I have had on a stage – All The Way Home (Electric Company Theatre)

Technology and theatrical magic gives way to such excrutiating intimacy that it made me realize pain can lead to to great rewards.

05Renewing my admiration for the Bard – Bomb-itty of Errors (Twenty Something Theatre)

There is a reason this production took home the Jessie for outstanding achievement from an ensemble this year; it wasn’t just da’ bomb, it was an explosion!

04King of the summer – Titanic (Theatre Under the Stars)

Forget DiCaprio, how about Roberts!  There was nothing that could sink this massive undertaking from this venerable Vancouver institution.

03We’re not talking Victoria Secret – Intimate Apparel (Arts Club Theatre Company)

As skillful as the fabrics that at times took center stage, this was a story of such beauty and richness.

02Better than a slasher flick – Gordon (Arts Club Theatre Company)

Okay, so I lied earlier when I said Mojo was the only review that contained profanity.  Gordon f#$king scared the hell out of me (in the best possible way).

01Hell hath no fury like a Mother Theresa scornedThe Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Pound of Flesh Theatre / Pacific Theatre / Neworld Theatre / The Cultch / Rumble Productions)

Funny, thought-provoking with equal parts blasphemy and profundity, this was a testament to what can happen when a group of theatre companies come together to put on a show.

And then there were 15…

Never content with just ten, here are a few other shows in 2012 that also deserve special mention:

  1. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (Pacific Theatre) – this one still has plenty of magic left in it
  2. Mother May I (Ghost Light Projects) – an original script that had me hopeful for queer theatre in this country
  3. The Duchess (Theatre UBC) – more fun than reading about Kate’s baby-bump at the grocery check-out
  4. Farragut North (Blank Slate Theatre Productions) – political junkies got their fix thanks to some terrific performanes
  5. Romance (Queer Arts Society) – Perry Mason would have been turning in his grave

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