Bobbers add three new cast members for season ten

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The Bobbers, Vancouver’s queer comedy improv group, begins its tenth season at the Oasis Lounge on Davie Street with the addition of three new cast members.

Tops & Bottom – Queer Improv Show - Season 10 “Forever”  “It’s a great main stage cast with an equal split of men and women, as well as a racially diverse queer cast,” says The Bobbers founder David C. Jones. “There is a drop in the overall age of the main stage players this season, as we sport a younger crew of funny folk and the company also welcomes three new players including one who is our first transgendered improviser.”

Joining the cast of 16 this year are Ashley Aron, a self-described queer femme fancypants. A writer, activist, singer, and burgeoning actor, Aron has a deep love and burning passion for performance and story-telling. With an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies she is currently undergoing a Bachelor in Fine and Performing Arts at SFU and hopes one day to make art, music, and theatre that asks challenging questions and clutches the heart. In all of her work, Aron aims to navigate this crazy ride called life with integrity, humour, gentleness and a whole lot of lipstick.

The second new member of the company is politically incorrect comedian Jarrett Hagglund.  Haaglund has been seen performing stand-up comedy in Toronto and Vancouver and believes if you can’t laugh at it, it must not exist.  Proving that just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you can dress yourself, Haaglund has spent the last few years working in progressive politics, because comedy just wasn’t funny enough.

The final member of this newbie trio is Amy Fox who is currently doing metal sculpture while studying film to produce The Switch, a kinky East Van transgender web sitcom.  Fox says she wanted to be a Bobber because there’s nowhere she’d rather do improv, except Mars.

Tops & Bottoms: Forever

Tops & Bottom Queer Improv Show Season 10 Forever starts Monday May 28, 2012 at Oasis Ultra Lounge, 1240 Thurlow Street at 8pm (until September 3rd and then at 7pm.) Admssion is free.  Call (604) 685-1724 for reservations.  Visit The Bobbers on Facebook for more information.

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