Theatre review: Never Swim Alone – the intensity and precision is unrivalled

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Men can only go around measuring the size of their dicks for so long before it just gets tiresome.  Fortunately, playwright Daniel MacIvor has enough skill as a writer to do it 13 times in Never Swim Alone.

Hardline Productions presents Daniel MacIvor's Never Swim AloneIn reality the actual physical measurement of members happens only once in MacIvor’s play but even in the other 12 “rounds” of one-upmanship that Bill and Frank (Raes Calvert and Sean Harris Oliver) find themselves in, they are essentially doing the same thing.  From the minutiae to the more meaningful, MacIvor revels and reveals the folly of competition.

Acting as referee and judge of each round is Lisa Goebel who, in representing the memory of a young girl the men met one fateful day many years ago, becomes the ultimate absurdity of man’s obsession with competition.

Director Genevieve Fleming brings an almost ballet-like quality to some of the proceedings and the intensity and precision from Calvert and Oliver is unrivalled.

Continuing their desire to make theatre accessible, all performances are pay-what-you-can. You’ll have to hurry though  as there is only one show left tomorrow at 3pm.

Hardline Productions 1; Audience 3.

4 Out of 5 Stars Never Swim Alone

By Daniel MacIvor.  Directed by Genevieve Fleming.  A Hardline Productions presentation.  On stage at Hardline Studios through June 5, 2011.  Visit for tickets and information.

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