The Bobbers are recruiting!

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Local queer improv company The Bobbers is looking for new members to join their team.

The BobbersBest known for their live show Tops & Bottoms at J Lounge every Monday night, the company also produces shows across the province and film shorts.  The comedy troupe is currently looking to add two new ‘queer identified’ members to the group, who will be paid as the rest of the company is on a sliding scale.

According to The Bobbers’ founder, David C Jones, the company is both a great training ground and a springboard to other things.

“When I created Tops & Bottoms it was designed as a training show.  The artists are put through a fun but very challenging show that helps them grow and become stronger and funnier. They find their feet and go on to world tours, solo shows and short films. I am always delighted and surprised at where The Bobbers go.”

As a member of The Bobbers for two years now, and the Vice President of the group’s umbrella organization the Bob Loblaw Queer Arts Society, Dan Dumsha says The Bobbers are like family and one of his favourite things about living in Vancouver.

“I’ve got a family of thirty wild and crazy queer comedians who care about me and support me when I jump on stage to make shit up for two hours,” he enthused. “We laugh until our stomachs hurt. Honestly, we make each other laugh that hard. Not to mention that I’ve become a way funnier and better improvisor. Even if someone auditions and doesn’t make it in, they can still take part. The audience, volunteers, and judges that come to Tops & Bottoms are amazing – it’s the new gay bowling. This is my scene, and the Bobbers are my community.”

The Bobbers Auditions
Saturday, 27 August, 2011

Interested in auditioning?  Email to book a time.

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