Meet my future ex-husband: Love/Stories is a truthful prequel of all your failed relationships

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Meet my future ex-husband.  Might be a joke, but according to Genevieve Bolduc that is exactly what playwright Itamar Moses explores in his collection of short plays, Love/Stories, the next offering from Vancouver’s Kinetichism Theatre.

Genevieve Bolduc“Audiences can expect to see the painful, funny and, worst of all, truthful prequel of all their failed relationships,” said Bolduc.

Included in the quintet of plays are Chemistry Read in which a director and playwright audition an actor, who has recently started dating the playwright’s ex-girlfriend and Authorial Intent about a couple facing the reality of living together.  But for Assistant Stage Manager Bolduc it is Temps that resonates the most for her.

“Although I enjoy the entire program, I harbour a preference for the second play of the night, Temps. It begins with the attempted, yet failed self-restraint, of calling your ex in an attempt to reclaim your possessions.”

Bolduc’s first show with Kinetichism Theatre, she found herself drawn to working with the group not only because of the cast, script and the venue but also because of director Brian Cochrane.

“Brian approached me with the project. We met at the beginning of his M.F.A and quickly bonded over both our appreciation for Montreal breweries. It was only a matter of time until we would join forces to work on a production.”

As Assistant Stage Manager for the show, Bolduc works alongside the Stage Manager to help push the show forward both in rehearsal and when the show opens.

“During the rehearsal period, we record everything … director’s intent, actor’s movements, tracking of props, costumes, set,” she explained.  “Once the run begins, the director takes his seat in the audience and we ensure the smooth running of the play: we call cues, help with quick-changes, transitions.  The three qualities I associate to this position are: adaptability, organization and leadership.”

Part of the challenge in making sure the play runs smoothly once the show opens is with the venue itself.  For anyone that has taken in a show at Little Mountain Gallery, it isn’t hard to imagine some of the difficulties this performance space presents to a theatre company.

“Little Mountain Gallery may be small but it is one of the most adventurous venues I have had the pleasure to work in,” said Golduc.  “I worked there as a stage manager in January 2010, a time where the questionably insulated venue called for B.Y.O.Blanket. It’s a home to guerrilla theatre, it keeps me on my toes and reminds us all that a theatre space can be as lively as the characters who inhabit it.”

Perhaps it is fitting then that Love/Stories, with its look at the awkwardness of relationships, finds its home in such an awkward venue.

Little Mountain Gallery
11 – 21 May 2011

You won’t know what to expect in these original and relate-able five short plays.An audition for a new play goes sideways, a question-and-answer session with a famous director takes a turn for the domestic dispute, a temp deals with post break-up stresses by throwing herself at her co-worker.  For tickets call 604.999.1522 or email:

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