Terry Costa has Madonna on his mind

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Terry Costa and his Mirateca Arts presents Madonna in My Mind as part of the Vancouver Pride in Art Festival on August 12th and 13th.  We caught up with Terry fresh off his work as A&E Director for the Vancouver Pride Society to talk about his upcoming show.

Terry CostaTell us about your upcoming show Madonna in my Mind. You mentioned it isn’t actually about Madonna directly – what is it about?

Madonna in my Mind is about a group of individuals that dream, fantasize and tell tales about meeting Madonna. Of course in the end it is still about the superstar herself, but maybe a bit more about us and how we perceive her instead of about the pop queen herself.

You also mentioned that this is not conventional theatre – how would you describe it? What can the audience expect?

The show is an ensemble piece; there is no definite line through; stories connect us all; some of Madonna’s music and lyrics takes us from place to place and when it is all done maybe it could have all been a dream…

Why Madonna as the centerpiece?

Madonna is an amazing creative driving force and has been a great influence in my life. The amount of material that she has given us is incredible. I am a fan. When creating shows I like to do it about subjects that I’m passionate about. Therefore it was no brainer when Pride in Art Festival was themed “Faerie Tales” for me to connect this project to it as in a way it is very much a fairy tale.

You said you were “intrigued” to see what the audience reaction will be to the show – why?

Madonna fans will enjoy it for different reasons then theatre fans will enjoy it. This is afterall a new workshop for the stage, a never tried before idea, a concept that needs development, therefore I am always intrigued to see how audiences will react.

Madonna In My MindYou chose to launch the show as part of the 2009 Pride in Art Festival. How important is it for the LGBT community to have a Festival like this?

The theme of Pride in Art Festival this year is Faerie Tales and the concept of the show Madonna in My Mind fits perfectly into this theme. It is important for the lgbt community to have a festival like Pride in Art because it gives a platform for stories and works to make it to public that otherwise would not have a chance in other stages. It is no different then the Jewish community having the Chuztpah Festival or the Portuguese community having Portuguese Heritage Month – we all crave, and need to see ourselves on stage.

You’re one busy guy right now having just completed a stint as the A&E Director for Vancouver Pride. How was your experience with Vancouver Pride?

Being on the board of the Vancouver Pride Society and leading the Arts & Entertainment Committee has been one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever had, and a volunteer one at that. It is probably the most thankless job I’ve also ever done and the one I’ve received the most complaints and frustrations. People have no idea how much is behind creating all these public events under the Vancouver Pride Society umbrella. The hundreds of hours of meetings, plans, dealings with hundreds of people are beyond anyone’s comprehension unless one is going through it themselves. I had volunteered for Pride for many years but had never been on the board before or a leadership position with Pride; now that I am on the board I understand why so many people cannot stay the course mandated as part of the Board – it is very demanding.

What can Vancouver’s queer community expect next from Terry Costa?

Since moving to Vancouver in 2002 I have done over 350 artistic events from one nighters to month long ventures. I am always doing something in either theatre, dance, music or at the clubs – it is the only way one can survive in this arts/entertainment world: be busy.

Right after Madonna in my Mind I am off to Europe to work on a new show in Spain, speak at a conference in Germany and run an artist retreat in Portugal. Winter time in Vancouver will see another ensemble theatre piece being developed with Oscar Wilde at the forefront; I have annual events such as Mr. Gay Canada and the Gay Top Model series. I am also happy to have been invited, once again, by the Mr. Gay World Organization to direct the grand finale spectacle which is happening in February 2010 in Oslo-Norway. And, there are always surprises creeping up that get to see the light of day when one least expects it. As long as I am working and developing artistic work I am happy; therefore, I try to keep busy with the artists I love or enjoy. Maybe someday I will also get a call from Madonna inviting me to work with her on some aspect of her creative life! I know that’s one of the reasons why my phone number is so public.


Madonna in My Mind
12 & 13 August 2009 @ 8pm
Roundhouse Theatre, 111 Roundhouse Mews (corner of Davie & Pacific in Yaletown)

Tickets $10 each available at Little Sisters, Rhizome Cafe and Banshee Records or at the door.  Visit the Mirateca Arts website for more information.



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