Halloween in August? Oh be still my queer heart…

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What will it be?  A red wig or a 1920s Flapper dress?  Its ladies’ choice (or drag queen’s choice if you prefer) as Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) offers 2 for 1 tickets for anyone dressing up as Annie (August 11th) or a Flapper (August 12th).

Theatre Under the StarsIn addition to the 2 for 1 ticket offer TUTS is also featuring an Annie look-a-like contest on August 11th beginning at 7:30pm and a sing-a-long at 7:45pm.  The TUTS production of Annie takes to the stage at 8pm.

On August 12th, the look-a-like contest is replaced by a costume contest at 7:30pm followed by a tap dance contest at 7:450pm.  Following the contests, the TUTS production of Thoroughly Modern Millie takes to the stage at 8pm.

Theatre Under the Stars Presents: Annie & Thoroughly Modern Millie
Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park

Alternating nights through August 21, 2009 @ 8pm
Visit http://www.tuts.ca for information and tickets

About Annie

Set in 1932, the height of the depression, and tells the outrageously funny story of a spunky redheaded orphan who escapes an orphanage searching for her parents but sadly is caught and returned. Her luck changes, as billionaire Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to his house for Christmas and the two hit it off and Annie wins his heart. is an all time family favourite. Some of the hit songs from the show are “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and the well known hit, “Tomorrow”. Of course there is the happy ending with Daddy Warbucks adopting adorable Annie and her dog Sandy.  This is the pefect family musical that will have you excited about the possibilities of “tomorrow”.

About Thoroughly Modern Millie

A high-spirited musical romp that has all of New York dancing the Charleston. It is the story of a small-town girl, Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York City in 1922 at the height of the Wall Street boom. She bobs her hair, assumes the modern look of a “flapper,” and is determined to marry for money instead of love – a thoroughly modern aim in 1922, when women were just entering the workforce. The show is filled with great songs, fabulous dance numbers, and of course, a great love story.


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