So long, and thanks for all the fish

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It seems somehow fitting that as another Vancouver Pride comes to an end, so does this chapter of Gay Vancouver Online.

It has been roughly twenty years since I started Gay Vancouver Online. I say “roughly” because I can’t seem to find an exact date.  So I’m going with twenty.

The site will remain (for now), but this will be its last published article. The popular community directory and nightlife listings will remain. What the site might look like in a few months though is anybody’s guess.

We’re remaining social

I do have plans to continue with the Gay Vancouver Facebook page, but it will feature curated tidbits about the local LGBTQ community from other published sources.  Same thing with our Twitter account.

Support the arts!

I won’t be disappearing completely from the internet though as I will continue with my work on Vancouver Presents, focusing on the amazing talent and arts organizations in our city. And yes, it will include queer content. I invite you to visit

It really is about the people

I am so lucky to have talked with so many amazing people over the years. We have a vibrant, wise, and creative community. I’m so glad to have helped promote it.

Yes, it really is about the people

I have also had the opportunity to work with some very passionate contributors over the years as well.  David C Jones, Jay Minter, Andrea Loewen, The Food Gays, Zoe Grams, Nicholas Demers – thank you for your dedication and beautiful words.

A final thank you

It has been a good run. Thanks for supporting our little slice of the digital highway over the last twenty-ish years. And all the fish.

Mark Robins

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